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You don't have to be an expert on Geotextiles

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If you are struggling to juggle hundreds of products while understanding how to use each one, you are certainly not alone as a distributor. We know that there is only so much time in a day, so we created this handy geotextile reference manual.

Geosynthetics and geotextiles, in general, are a complex product with an array of properties. In our manual we cover the following topics for easy understanding:

  • Nonwoven Geotextiles
  • Woven Geotextiles
  • Geogrids
  • ASSHTO Specification
  • Geotextile Test Methods
  • And a whole lot more!

The manual also includes very helpfuapplication guides, quick reference charts, and an in-depth glossary of terms.

Download the 44-page application manual today and stop worrying about remembering every detail. That's why we created this manual!


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